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Training future generations and today's workforce in sustainability and the green chemistry toolset positions us to create, adopt, and accelerate innovations.

What is Green Chemistry?

Discover Resources for All Learning Levels

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What is Green Chemistry & Engineering?

Learn the fundamentals of green chemistry, green engineering, and related subjects.

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Green Chemistry Teaching and Learning Community (GCTLC)

Peer-reviewed resources and a supportive community to seamlessly integrate green chemistry and engineering into teaching.

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Graduate Programs

Interested in graduate school? Find degree and certificate programs in green chemistry and sustainability.

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Professional Development

Search in-person and online professional development opportunities to elevate your skills.

Continuous Learning—a Critical Element in Sustainability!

Sustainability is closely tied to technological advancements. Continuous learning ensures that individuals and organizations can adapt to and leverage new technologies for sustainable innovation. By providing awareness and inspiration, education promotes problem-solving, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and ethical and social responsibility. 

Continuous learning helps us adapt to and leverage new technologies for sustainable innovations by sparking problem solving, ethical and social responsibility, cross-disciplinary collaboration, knowledge and awarness, and inspiration and creativity.