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Chemical Policies

Use the search form at the bottom of this page to find policies worldwide related to chemicals management and sustainability. Get involved with our resources on the critical connection between green chemistry and policy.

How are Green Chemistry and Policy Connected?

Policy shapes the landscape of scientific research, exerting a profound influence on its direction and priorities. In the context of green chemistry, governmental policies can: 

  • Direct resources towards initiatives that develop environmentally benign processes and sustainable materials (such as funding for research on recycling critical materials). 

  • Set standards for the reduction or elimination of hazardous substances, encouraging scientists in academia, industry, and government to explore safer alternatives. 

  • Impact the development and implementation of innovative technologies through regulations related to environmental impact assessments, waste disposal, and emissions control (for example, by setting limits on toxic substance disposal into waterways).

Researchers also have a role to play in advocating for policies that encourage the adoption of green chemistry. Advocacy can aid government officials in better understanding the available solutions when making decisions that have environmental and health consequences.

International flags outside the European Union building in Strasbourg, France

Flags outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France

Policy Resources

Explore the resources below to learn more about how science, policy, and sustainability intersect and how you can become an advocate for green chemistry!

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New Technologies

The European Commission's "Future Briefs" provide regular, accessible updates on emerging technologies and their impacts.

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OECD Case Studies

Explore studies conducted by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development used to inform policies.

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SAICM Video Library

Discover the Strategic Approach to International Chemical Management's videos on emerging policy issues.

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White House Report

Read the National Science and Technology Council's 2023 Sustainable Chemistry Report.

White House Report


Learn how to become an advocate for policies that advance green and sustainable chemistry.


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