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Help us build a mentor network in the sustainable and green chemistry and engineering community.


Effective mentorship is known to be instrumental in developing skills, gaining new perspectives, and cultivating leadership. To strengthen the community of scientists, engineers, and business leaders dedicated to sustainability, the Green Chemistry for Sustainability (GCS) network aims to provide a resource for those seeking a mentor who is aligned with their vision of a sustainable future.

Coming Soon!

As the GCS network grows, we are developing a list of people who are willing to serve as mentors. Once this database is ready to roll out, you will be able to search for a possible match based on scientific and/or business skills and other interests. 

Become a Mentor

Please indicate your willingness to mentor by following these simple steps:

  • Open your profile page (while logged in)
  • Click on the pencil and paper (edit) symbol by Willing to Be a Mentor 
  • Under Willing to Be a Mentor, select "Yes," and share topics you feel comfortable mentoring others on in the text box. 
  • Click Submit.
  • Note: If you indicated an interest in mentoring when you created your profile, your profile will say Open to Mentoring, with the topics you indicated listed below.