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green chemistry

Bio-Sourced Surfactants Derived from Renewable Sources

SurfactGreen specializes in developing patented ecological surfactants derived from renewable sources for use in personal care products, household cleaners, and industrial applications. Their product lineup includes DeterGreen™ AL12, a biobased surfactant designed for detergent applications that remains stable across a wide pH range and is available in a liquid form with a medium transparent color. Comprising 96% renewable carbon and being readily biodegradable, DeterGreen™ AL12 serves as an effective ingredient for household, industrial, and institutional formulations.

CGTFD-2024 - International Conference on Chemistry: Global Trends & Future Directions

Welcome to the 2024 International Conference on Chemistry: Global Trends & Future Directions! We are delighted to bring together a diverse and distinguished group of chemists, researchers, and industry experts from around the world for an immersive three-day virtual event. This conference serves as a dynamic platform to discuss and explore the latest advancements, groundbreaking research, and innovative applications in the field of chemistry.

Beyond Benign GCTLC ChemFORWARD Module for Educators

Tool Owner

This ChemFORWARD module consists of 3-lesson units that aims to help instructors teach students how to use the ChemFORWARD platform to obtain hazard information for specific chemicals, and to identify safer chemicals to replace chemicals of concern in research and in product formulations.

Rising Stars in Green Chemistry Education Award

To recognize outstanding early-career scholars who have committed to a significant focus on green chemistry and/or sustainability in curricula for teaching chemistry, chemical engineering, or a closely related field.

Two awards will be given annually. Each award will consist of a certificate, a $1,000 honorarium, and travel support for the awardee and one student (up to $2,000 each) to attend the annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference (GC&E) to receive the award and present their work.

Open to all Nationalities

Principal Investigator Development in Sustainability Grant

This award will provide funding to early or mid-career investigators (Associate+) to spend 6-12 months in the laboratory of a private company, a national laboratory, or an academic laboratory in a different institution, with the goal of establishing robust collaborations across industry-academia or across disciplines and taking advantage of the mentorship of a faculty member distinct from their prior mentors.

Solar Energy: Illuminating the Path to a Sustainable Future

Solar energy stands as a cornerstone in the pursuit of a sustainable future. This poster explores the history and advancements in solar technology, highlighting its significant role in reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. By examining the latest innovations in photovoltaic systems, energy storage solutions, and grid integration, we demonstrate how solar energy is leading to a cleaner, more resilient energy infrastructure. Furthermore, we discuss how solar energy drives the principles of green chemistry, promoting environmentally friendly practices in energy production.

Mechanochemistry: A Growing Green Tool With Tremendous Potential

Mechanochemistry studies the chemical and physicochemical transformations of substances in all states of aggregation induced by mechanical energy processes. It has been growing significantly in recent decades as an alternative method for chemical synthesis that aligns with most of the principles of Green Chemistry. Therefore, it is crucial to understand this tool, which holds immense potential for application in chemical processes, making them more environmentally friendly. This poster was presented at the ACS GCI Green & Sustainable Chemistry Summer School 2024