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Sustainable Chemistry and Human Rights

What will you learn? This policy training is meant to support the development of policy input and training of participation on human rights issues, related to Sustainable Chemistry and sustainable development. The training will elaborate on specific human rights (such as the human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment) that are related to the key characteristics of Sustainable Chemistry, as developed by the ISC3. Who is this course for?

2023 US Innovators Roundtable

The 2023 US Innovators Roundtable will be an opportunity for Change Chemistry members and non-members to engage with leading innovators, investors, and government officials in the green and sustainable chemistry space.

Structured as a series of dialogues exploring topics, the gathering will provide attendees with opportunities to meet and engage with key players from across the globe. This will be a hybrid event so both virtual and in-person registration tickets are available.